Paint & Destroy Magazine.


Is there such a thing as true creative freedom? A fine artist has the ability to create whatever they like, provided the canvas fits into the specifications of the gallery displaying it. A graphic designer can be as experimental as they like provided they meet the clients brief and stick to the printers’ mechanical data. Rules can be bent or broken, guidelines can be ignored but how far do artists and designers need to go to have total freedom over what they create.


Someone once said “The thing about a clean sheet of paper is that it still has edges.” When starting out with this project I wanted to look beyond the edges of the paper, beyond the 27” iMac screen and beyond the so called rules or principles of design. I wanted to explore the truest form of creative freedom or as close to it as I could get and that is what lead me to the art forms of graffiti writing and street art.

© 2018 ryan james wilson - created using adobe muse

© 2018 ryan james wilson created using adobe muse


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